Our passion for healthy food has always been something we've shared, but also something we've struggled to find options for when having a very busy work/life balance. 

Playing a lot of sports, working full time and having 2 young children its very hard to plan, shop, prep and cook all your meals. This when we had the idea of opening somewhere that you can grab a genuinely healthy meal that's ready to eat with no prepping, no cooking and no mountain of washing up to do after. Using Eco-friendly packaging to reduce our footprint in the world. 

We also wanted to use local suppliers so buying from us not only helps us, as a local family but it also helps other local families and residents. 

There is lot's of different diets out there but we believe its not a diet people need its a lifestyle change. We can help you achieve your goals, whatever they are without all the sacrifices, as this is just not sustainable. We have breakfast, Lunch, dinner, drinks, smoothies, sauces and clean treats so you don't have to be without anything. Just make a better choice.